Sükûn is a word that stands for silence, stillness and peace. Its origin is Turkish.

I believe we are the expression of our own sound. I am here to listen to your whole being and to support you in fine-tuning your systems, (re)connecting to your own rhythm, and encountering your true purpose. For this, I use pure sound vibrations and the pendulum, together with guidance from the elements, numbers, flowers and colours.

My name is Nigâr. I have been studying the piano and classical music since I was four years old and experimenting hand in hand with a wide spectrum of instruments, including my own voice. I have extended my love for and dedication to listening ⏤ to sounds as well as stories ⏤ with a diploma in sound therapy.

My beginnings are in design. This chapter has helped me to strengthen my eyesight and feed my affinity for mathematics; I process information through geometry and patterns. I later completed a master’s degree in social work ⏤ specialising in substance use disorders and addictive behaviours ⏤ and have worked as a social pedagogue in a therapeutic housing project providing psychiatric rehabilitation for young adults in Berlin. Today, I am working part-time as a member of the psychosocial healthcare team at a therapeutic assisted living facility.

I founded Sükûn in order to merge my passions together and to create an open, inclusive and safe space for honouring them.

There are two main principles guiding my practice.

One, to always look for clarity.

I aim to unearth the hidden, recognise the fog, as well as explore the visible and inspect the accustomed. Together, we paint a detailed and colourful picture; this allows us to map out a path towards your intention. My commitment is to understand ⏤ with full acceptance, gentle consideration and precision.

Two, to always keep playing.

I believe that playfulness can break the rigidity that prevents us from growing and adapting. I see it as creative fuel that keeps our curiosity pure and alive, that brings both flexibility and possibility to the picture. My commitment is to question ⏤ with lightness, compassion, freedom and meaning.

My core values nourishing both principles are reverence, trust, openness and love.

I propose to be a companion on your journey towards truth and recalibration from restless silence to serenity, by co-creating ⏤ with you ⏤ a little cocoon in time to simply listen.

Our sessions can be in English, Turkish, French or German.

While my sound therapies are only available in person, I do offer pendulum sessions online as well. I am currently based in Berlin, and also travel regularly with my instruments.

If you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment, you can reach me via the contact form.