We can be tuned, just like musical instruments.

This treatment uses the application of sounds in order to improve our health and well-being; the benefits are far-reaching, and can be physical, emotional, mental, energetic and/or spiritual. While I am trained in unique procedures for each, I view you as a whole and offer a holistic approach that focuses on interconnection and possible underlying sources of imbalance.

With sound as the transformational agent, we reach a state of resting in harmony with all aspects of our being, including with the dissonances in our life.

I work mainly with tuning forks, which I complement with a variety of other instruments, and if agreed upon, flower remedies. Elements, numbers and colours guide my way.

If appropriate, I also use specific sounds that induce altered states of consciousness through brainwave frequencies (e.g. Theta or Alpha states) in order to encourage a deeper mind-body connection and spiritual and emotional healing.

We always work with an intention, which we can also formulate together. Essentially, we are aiming to nourish your natural self-healing abilities so that you can feel liberated from the constraints of imbalance and move towards a vivid experience of your authentic self.

My approach can support you in:
⏤ Processing a challenging life event
⏤ Healing traumas
⏤ Calming anxiety, restlessness or incertitude
⏤ Overcoming grief or loss
⏤ Overcoming emotional or mental blocks
⏤ Overcoming fear or phobias
⏤ Improving symptoms of acute or chronic pain
⏤ Improving quality of sleep
⏤ Balancing digestive processes
⏤ Balancing the autonomic nervous system
⏤ Balancing daily thought patterns
⏤ Shifting perspective
⏤ Reaching a profound state of relaxation
⏤ Breaking self-defeating patterns
⏤ Strengthening trust and intuition
⏤ Bringing forth your inner healer
⏤ Enhancing self-expression and creative vision
⏤ Improving focus and motivation
⏤ Reconnecting to self, purpose and life direction

Each session in a treatment plan is individualised with your needs, intentions and safety in mind. Please reach out to set up a short consultation to connect and discuss which options are most suitable.